hand painted watercolor illustration & Brush calligraphy

Brush berry creates all designs by hand whether it is a greeting card design or a hand lettered quote.


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Meet Michelle

Hey there! I am the owner and designer behind Brush Berry. I live in Northern California where I spend most of my free time trying new foods or wine tasting with my husband, playing with my 2 Shepherd pups, or simply relaxing with a cup of tea and a new painting project. Four years ago, I graduated from FIDM, a prestigious design institute in San Francisco, Ca. From there, I decided to focus on brand identity and start offering logo design services, which I still do today with MVAZ Design

Almost three years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. This became the darkest time in my life, but I refused to let it overcome me. Painting and brush lettering motivational quotes became an outlet for me. Before I knew it, close friends and family were commenting on how much they liked my work. I decided to share this newly discovered talent and Brush Berry was born.


Brush Berry's mission is to create relevant and ahead of trend designs, beautiful and clever greeting cards, and eye catching lettering and art prints for commercial sale.